Meet My Harps


Chordelia is a Dusty Strings Boulevard, and her 34 strings bring a lot of sparkle to any room.  Her favorite music is Christmas carols.


Classique is a Salvi/Erard Bochsa, and she is a 46 string pedal harp. As you can see in her picture, she loves getting dressed up in garlands for events. Her favorite musical genre is classical - especially the French variety.


Ebony is a Lyon & Healy Troubadour III, and she holds a special place in my heart as she was my very first harp. The years have given her a fabulous, rich tone, and she loves playing Celtic music.


Rosie is a 22 string Roosebeck Heather harp in the vine design. Although a Pakistani harp, she has a remarkable ability to project a warm tone when played. Her favorite music to play is folk or religious music.

Chordelia is currently for sale. I am selling her as I am saving up for another large purchase, and with Ebony by my side, I still have a lever harp.  Contact me if interested, and listen below for a sample of her sound.

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For Sale

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